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Flash Baaaacck Post of the day….

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Well, today we are going back to November 2011. We had the distinct pleasure of attending the Back 2 Basics 1 Year anniversary party. We shot some photos of the event and we had the privilege of listening to 6BLOCC aka R.A.W. tear it up on the decks. Great evening, GREAT EVENT. Make sure you head out to any Back 2 Basics event, YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!


6Blocc aka R.A.W.



Thursday, January 14th, 2010

New Music for January 2010

Just restocked on some tunes for the store this week, including restocks on 6Blocc dubstep mix CDs, Pendulum-Jungle Sound double mix album, Quasimoto’s Futher Adventures, John Robinson’s “Who is John Robinson,” Dulok Shaman’s “Fighting 4 Dreams” and a new Boys Noize “BuggedOut!” mix cd. This is just to name a few. The CD’s are available at Radio Futura stores and some may be available on the online store. Come down and get your copies!..