Hard Haunted Mansion 09

So we took a trip this past Friday to Hard Haunted Mansion. The event was held at the Shrine Amphitheater in Los Angeles, CA. It was a two day event hosting DJ’s such as, A-Trak, 2ManyDJs, Bloody Beetroots, and Deadmau5 (that’s how he spells it) plus many more. After maneuvering through sweaty dancing bodies we finally found a good spot to post up. Leo got us a good spot in the front were we took a few good pics and video. Oh and Leo hardly ever comes out with us so when he does it’s always a party. Soon Bloody Beetroots jumped on the decks and pumped up the crowed with a crazy metal-electro remix. Insanity filled the floor as the crowd jumped and screamed Bloody Beetroots. It was techno glory as the duo in lucha libre masks broke the audience into a screaming frenzy. To sum up the night 2ManyDJs dropped some awesome on-the-fly remixes and Deadmau5 brought the progression tip to end the night. Over all it was a great night with lots of talent and lots of energy. Big ups to the Hard crew! Don’t forget we got Deadmau5, A-Trak and more CD’s and Vinyl in the stores. Enjoy the pics below.

A-Trak @ Hard Haunted Mansion 09

A-Trak @ Hard Haunted Mansion 09

Bloody Beetroots @ Hard Haunted Mansion 09

Bloody Beetroots @ Hard Haunted Mansion 09

Crowd @ Hard Haunted Mansion 09

Crowd 2 @ Hard Haunted Mansion 09

Crowd 3 @ Hard

Leo @ Hard Haunted Mansion 09- Always a party with Leo!

Leo and H2DTWO @ Hard Haunted Mansion

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